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  • :icondahub:
    Donated 1 week ago
I really, REALLY need practice because the only thing i can do is dragons and that's a super big problem as i have things i want to do that involve drawing humans (and i'm terrible at them). And i've been putting all this off for about 3 years..oops.
Therefore human requests are open! If you can't/won't request, spreading this journal would be really helpful!
There are some rules though!

By requesting from me, you acknowledge that it will probably be pretty bad (i was not joking when i said im terrible a drawing people), but HEY! free art xD
These will be SKETCHES.

I'll highlight the comments that i'm currently working on!

Arrow left Rules for MyselfArrow right 
Bullet; Purple All requests will be completed AND uploaded, no matter how embarrassed I am by them (at least one from every requester)
Bullet; Purple I will not upload the requests one-by one. They will be uploaded together (max of 20 to a ''page'') as I don't want to overload my gallery with a bunch of really bad sketches XD
Bullet; Purple I will may or may not tag you in the uploaded image(s)..20+ people is a lot to keep track of, so if i miss tagging you and you recognize the sketch/character please gently remind me that the character is yours (if its an oc or fan character)
Bullet; Purple I plan on completing (not uploading) at least 2 sketches a day
Bullet; Purple I will place numbers next to the sketches and their corresponding names in the artist's comments 

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Yes:

Bullet; Green*  You MUST provide me with references (multiple is preferred!)
Bullet; Green You MAY request multiple characters (There's basically no limit at this point; go fact, link me to your entire if you want! I'll probably doodle everything in it :D)
Bullet; Green You may request a specific pose or expression (MUST provide CLEAR references)
Bullet; Green You may request canon and fan characters or OC's
Bullet; Green I will draw humans with animal parts 
Bullet; Green I will attempt anthro (anthro dragons are a probable yes, i haven't had much practice with other animals)
Bullet; Green PLEASE provide me with different body types! if you have oc's that are children, teenagers, adults, scrawny, heavy, short, tall etc. throw them at me! I need to learn!
Bullet; Green YES. YOU MAY HARASS ME ABOUT YOUR REQUEST!!!!!! I ENCOURAGE IT IN THIS PARTICULAR SITUATION!!!!! Just don't go overboard with it (once a week is fine!)

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! NO:
Bullet; Red NSFW
Bullet; Red Kissing until i'm more comfortable with my abilities
Bullet; Red Do not ask if i will draw your character(s)! The answer is YES! (unless you're really, really not sure..then ask)
Bullet; Red Notes requesting a character to be drawn will be ignored (unless we're friends). If you follow the rules in the journal, there should be NO reason as to why you can't request in the comments =)

* if a specific expression is requested, it will ONLY be a headshot
Arrow left First 20-30 requests will probably be redone when im finally comfortable with my all will be getting the brunt of my crappy abilities, so i thought it might be a little fairer xDArrow right 


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^^^these are all probably wrong..just ask me about them..i'm too lazy to try and update that.

Hey, my name is Kaitlyn.
I really really like Yugioh if that isn't obvious by my page
I'm very friendly , and i'm always willing to talk! If i'm not replying, I either forgot, or just got really busy. My internet's super slow as well so sometimes that's a problem ^^; I also have horrible memory

And yes, i am complete multi-fandom trash >:]
Feel free to talk to me about anything EXCEPT:
-Incest ships (wincest(sp? Sam and Dean/SPN for example)

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And welcome to my shipping wall, enjoy your stay in this little section of hell </u>
(Most my ships are for fun because i like to explore possibilities, regardless of whether it's canon or could ever become canon. Feel free to talk to me about them, but if you're one of those people who take your ships so seriously that you're willing to harass people for not agreeing with you or for shipping something you hate, kindly frigg off and leave my page :)
Leave your shipping wars OFF my dA page, thank you :) )

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DO NOT REUPLOAD MY ART UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE FOR ANY REASON!:iconstopplz::iconstopplz::iconstopplz::iconstopplz::iconstopplz:


should i do a Q&A/FAQ box? 

6 deviants said Ya (send in whatever questions you want, you can send them by note if you feel more comfortable ^^ I'll answer everything! Literally, everything! Any subject at all!)
No deviants said Nah


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